That being said, there are a few cases where I wouldn`t feel comfortable allowing someone to use my bathroom. It is quite common and it is expected that outdoor contractors – buildings or landscaping – will find their own toilets if they need them. You are NOT expected to provide the use of your bathroom, alone at home or not. And port-a-potties are only introduced when it is a long and expansive construction, and not for a fast roof. Offering refreshments is a very nice touch, but also not expected and not necessary. These guys are used to working outdoors in different conditions and are responsible for their own water, lunch, coffee or snacks and find all the necessary toilets. When I had workers in my home during the renovation of my kitchen, I was happy that they could use my guest bathroom for the shops. I think you`re perfectly reasonable, Linelle. But then I understand both your point of view about strangers wandering in your private space AND making sure your pets are safe. I feel the same way, on both points. I`ve done tons of work over the years and I`ve also had to kidnap pets, and I`m absolutely not going to move on to the question of letting someone open the door to the room where the pets are. I have seen with my own eyes that no one is as careful, attentive or conscientious as I am when it comes to not leaving pets outside. The contractors we use regularly, to which we adhere.

Our landscape/lawn caretakers are awesome – recommend them to everyone. More workers in my home when I work outside, and I position myself near where they work indoors to make sure no one is walking around. If you don`t let my boys use a bathroom, that`s fine, but a pot porta is $x.00 a day plus my markup. Here is your change order and sign here. House plans – is it strange to have a bathroom when you first enter a house? I always let the workers use my bathroom. I mean, if they were in an office or a factory, there would be a bathroom. When they are in the forest, they have the luxury of a tree. I had more than one question. Yes, it was only a few meters from where they set up instead of taking a short walk down the hallway to the guest toilet, but they should have realized that the owner (who just spent thousands of dollars on renovation costs!) would enjoy being the first/only one to use his main toilet. Peeing on the toilet and floor is also totally unacceptable, no matter who or where they are. Whether you like it or not, it happens. Sue your colleagues.

They bring everything to themselves, whether the people here are able to accept it or not. You fail without a bath and tp could end up being a problem. Unless you want to pay for longer trips on YOUR time to use the toilet a few blocks away or your hedge. No tp and bet they can find some paper towels and you will have a nice constipation that you will have to deal with. I go out into the field for my work – sometimes I`m in a house (in the yard, not in their house) and I know I have to make a pit stop before going to visit the site. I also always carry supplies, tissues, water, etc., so I don`t need to ask an owner to use their facilities. From time to time, nature called unexpectedly and I have to apologize for finding a tree – but this has only ever happened during longer visits to the site in areas where there is no building. When we finished our roof, the teams were prepared and made their way through the breaks – I`m sure they were doing their business at the time. We didn`t provide water, but it was only about 70 degrees at the time. Most professional work teams know they need to take care of the business in advance, but offering a thermos with coffee or water is a good idea.

I find that entrepreneurs and workers appreciate it most when they are avoided, their work is praised when it is well done and let them do their job. For the most part, posting this question on one of the threads frequented by entrepreneurs will give you completely different answers. This topic has been discussed several times in the renovation and kitchen forums. HERE is a thread. I`ve never had contractors working outside the house to use the guest toilet and I wouldn`t like that. I guess they have bottles or something in the truck? The way my house is furnished (corner plot), if you tried to pee outside, there`s a good chance you`ll be spotted.. .