What You Should Know Before Hiring A Front End Developer

Presently our world is full of development. The labor market is experiencing a period of global change. Such large-scale changes are directly related to the technological breakthrough of our century. Computer technology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, the development of virtual reality, and genetic engineering dictate new popular professions. Today I will tell you about what you should know before hiring a Front-End Developer. Of course, every head has its own conception of the employee, but there is a specific knowledge that the employer must know exactly. This article will be helpful both for employers and for people who want to become a Front-End Developer.

Who Is A Front-End Developer?

A Front End Developer is a specialist who knows how to layout web pages. He has a good knowledge of the JavaScript programming language and one or several JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js).  Front-End Developers should also know many other web technologies that are used within creating the client-side of the website. The main task of the Front-End Developer is developing the functionality of the user interface of a site or web application. If you want to become a Front-End Developer, you can study yourself. You can learn from books or video courses. Needless to say, that you can sign up for courses for the most effective learning. For a start, you should investigate the HTML and CSS layout languages. You can practice by typing pages using layouts that are publicly available on the Internet.

What Things Do You Need To Know Before Hiring A Front-End Developer?

1. Skills

Of course, you need to know what skills your candidate has for the position of Front-End Developer. It is one of the most important things. You can show him a to-do list and see if he can handle it. I think that any front-end developer should know foreign languages rather well, but you can test him for foreign languages and determine the level of his knowledge. First of all, you need to check how good he/she knows HTML, CSS, and JS.  HTML, CSS are both principal languages, which a developer needs to understand if he or she wants to obtain a position.  I advise you to ask such questions that will be able to accurately determine how professional a person is in their field and knowledge. You also should be prepared for the fact that your candidate for the position of Front-End Developer can have only a basic understanding of IT. In my view, it is not so important. Oh, yeah! You are quite surprised now.  In my opinion, many people are now interested in the field of IT. It is something new, something that is evolving every day. Of course, people want to keep up with the times. They want to be a part of this development. So, your candidate may have only superficial knowledge, but he or she can have huge ambitions and potential for work. You don’t need to criticize a person for his ignorance. You can take a risk and later get a cool Front-End Developer.

2. You Should Define All Your Goals And Tasks

Have you read this sub-paragraph but don’t understand what it means?  For a start, you have to think about all the intricacies of the work. It’s a vital component of your success. Think about what the project needs are, your budget plan, and the scope and term of the project. In my way of thinking, all depend on how fast you need to do a project, and from this, it will be clear how the experience of your candidate is important to you.  But remember that experience is not your main criterion. No pain, no gain!


3. Choose A Place Where You Will Search

There are different ways where you can find a Front-End Developer. It is one of the significant points that you should know before hiring a Front-End Developer. I recommend you to resolve what is better for you, what amount of money you can allow allocating for the salary for your employee. You can hire your Front-End Developer by outsourcing companies’ listings, freelance portals, and job boards. What is better? An excellent variant is freelancers if you have a low budget. The freelancers have a cheap cost. One of the advantages is that you can hire freelancers only when you need them. It is also a great idea to hire in-house developers.  The in-house developers are more reliable than freelancers. They can have a good monthly salary that may increase with time and have a continual workplace. In this case, they can work better and faster. The next is outsourced developers. The outsourced developers appeared relatively recently. You can hire front-end developers in an offshore software development company from any country you like. The outsourcing team works as a team, not a bunch of separate freelancers. So, the choice is yours!

4. Keep The Project Information

Firstly, you need to clarify what is the scope and description of the project. It can make the hiring process flowing and purposeful. Thus, the developer can be sure about his/her abilities and whether or not he/she is the right fit.


To sum up, you learned what you should know before hiring a Front-End Developer. You can notice all the information that was useful to you and use it later. In general, you need to show a to-do list, prepare a list of skills that you require from a developer, evaluate all your wishes and opportunities, and decide which Front-End Developer is better for you. I hope you make the right choice!

Thanks for your attention! Bye!

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