There is no doubt that the sx pro kit is the most famous Nintendo Switch hacking tool now, but obviously it’s a bit expensive for many players. So it comes out several new switch dongles, one of them is R4s dongle, which seems more efficient than sx pro. So SX Pro vs. R4s Dongle, which is the best switch flashcart 2019 ?

SX pro dongle hack switch v8.0

The Xecuter SX Pro chip is developed by Team Xecuter, a well-known hack team. It is intended for all models of Nintendo Switch, regardless of the firmware version and the console area. Its official name is Xecuter SX Pro, it’s the first member of SX Family for Nintendo Switch Hack. And his second member is Xecuter SX OS which contains only a license of the SX OS software.

SX Pro or SX Pro Switch, it still works on the Nintendo Switch with the latest firmware 8.0. Why? Reason is so simple, because the SX OS it supports running on Nintendo Switch are fully compatible with every Switch firmware versions. So the SX Pro can work on V8.0.X or 7.0 and without doubt.

What SX Pro can do on Switch firmare V8.0.1?

  1. Play Nintendo Switch free games in the form of .XCI and .NSP, nearly every Switch game can be played on SX OS for free.
  2. Play Homebrew apps, tools, games on the Switch, even the .NSP homebrew can be installed on it as well.
  3. Support USB device working with the Nintendo Switch, users can play games directly from a external HDD or any USB mass storage device.
  4. Support Emunand on the Switch, users can play the newest games on the V6.1.0 Switch Emunand but keeping the Original firmware version lower.
  5. Allows Cheats for playing games, uses can take advantages of many cheats code for passing the hard levesl of certain Switch games.

R4s switch dongle and other dongles

On the market, there are tois pricipal dongle type, SX Gear, R4S Dongle, AceNS. Here, I recommend R4S dongle, why? It is cheaper than SX Gear, it supports to inject the multiple payload, developed by Team R4 Reputed.

R4S Dongle will then launch various playloads but unlike the SX Pro with its operating system. Here the R4 team relies on hack systems available for several months already and which are free. Also, be aware that if you have a license for SX OS, you can use the R4S dongle to boot to this operating system. So you have to see this dongle as a playloader before anything else.

This r4s dongle is already much better than the SX Pro and has the merit of being offered at around € 19. It is therefore an unbeatable price.

So how to use r4s dongle to hack switch 8.0 or lower ?

As the CFW sx os is at a price of 29€, we will choose to install the atmosphere CFW, though it’s not as good as sx os CFW. For this purpose you will need a tier dongle such as R4s dongle or else NS atmosphere dongle exclusive for Atmosphere CFW. In this tutorial I will take the dongle r4s as an example because it is better sold according to our site So we start the Nintendo Switch v8.0.0 hack:

  1. format the SD card in exFAT and 32ko allocation unit
  2. Uncompress the downloaded file and put its contents at the root of the SD card, it should look like the picture below:

then insert the SD card into the switch console.

  1. enter the RCM mode:
  • turn off the console then remove the Joycon right
  • drag the jig to the joycon rail all the way
  • insert the R4S dongle into the USB-C port at the bottom of the switch
  • hold down the VOL + button and the power button to start the console, the red dongle LED will be light, and the system should boot into the custom ATM firmware.

The steps are easy. If you have updated your Nintendo Switch to 8.0.0 and want to crack your Switch, you need a r4s dongle and CFW Atmosphere. If you wish to be informed of the latest NS hacking news, you can join our Discord:, we do our best to help you.