PS Classic Hack: The Easiest Way To Add More Games Without Modding Console

Sony’s recent PS classic console is hacked, if you’re not satisfied with the 20-game lineup found on it, you can now add more games to the list of playable titles without having to crack open your console and solder elements together like using the latest usb dongle True blue miniwhich can crack ps classic to play 58 or 101 PS1 games, it’s a plug&play method with no software to install, you can just insert it to your Playstation classic USB controller port, then 100+ games are free to you for playing.

How to Hack PS Classic and Add More PSone Games

The first hack ps classic is as follow and not very easy to do:

  • Download free software BleemSync to your computer.
  • Extract the contents of the BleemSync .zip file to the root location of a FAT32 (up to 32GB) or EXT4 (up to 16TB) formatted USB stick.
  • Rename the USB stick to ‘SONY’.
  • Create a folder in the root directory of the USB stick named ‘Games’.
  • Create folders for every PSone game that you want to add to the PS Classic. Each folder must be numbered sequentially, and must include a sub-directory named ‘GameData’ with the following items included: a Game.ini file, a PCSX.cfg file, a cover art image, and the title’s ‘cue’ and ‘bin’ files.
  • Run the file BleemSync.exe from your USB stick, which will create a ‘System’ folder.
  • Insert the USB stick into one of the PS Classic’s controller ports and power it up. You should see your new games available to play.

Be warned, though. While engaging with the debug menu on the PlayStation Classic shouldn’t void your warranty, the changes you make could be irreversible. If so, Sony certainly won’t help you out with fixing them. As for adding new games onto your PlayStation Classic, not only do you need to be the legal owner of the original ROM, but making any physical modifications to the PlayStation Classic will void your warranty completely. But if you have a true blue mini USB dongle, the situation will be very different !

What’s PS Classic True Blue Mini and how easy to use it ?

Playstation is pre-installed 20 games, but only 20 games can’t satisfy Classic game lovers. and now True Blue Mini comes out, the former team of the PlayStation True Blue scene has been contacted to deliver some details about their next product, the True Blue Mini. What is it, this is a USB dongle that will provide hours of fun on the PlayStation Classic.

True Blue Mini dongle features:

  • Includes a mini USB hub so you can enjoy all the fantastic 2-player games without losing your second controller!
  • Accept no imitation: True Blue Mini is the original PlayStation Classic game enhancer. We use only high quality components and ensure 100% Plug & Play compatibility with your console– for any region, at any time. Beware of low-quality/faulty clones!
  • For a low price, you can enhance your PSX Classic catalog tremendously. Currently available in 3 separate packs, 2 of which include 101 games each with a 3rd one specialized in fight games that contains 58 PSX classics, you add months of gameplay your PSX Classic console.
  • Plug & play, no installation process, anyone can use it in seconds. The games will simply show up in your PSX Classic menu. And we even packed a free USB hub so you can use multiple controllers.

3 separate packs, including 2 of 101 games each including a third specialized in fighting games with no less than 58 games.

  • True Blue Mini Fight Pack (58 games)
  • True Blue Mini Meth pack (101 games)
  • True Blue Mini Crackhead pack (101 games)

True Blue Mini is a Plug & Play solution, no installation process, anyone can use it in seconds. The games will simply appear in your PlayStation Classic menu. So, the True Blue Mini is pre-installed 58-101 free games, the steps to hack Playstation Classic to play more free games:

  • Prepare your Playstation Classic
  • Buy True Blue Mini(if you are in NA, I recommend and if in Europe, is the best choice !)
  • install True Blue Mini on your Playstation Classic
  • 58-101 free PS1 games will show on your Playstation Classic menu.
  • enjoy your games!