List Of Free Software Programs To Use

The purchase of licensed software solutions for programming, design, administration and other IT areas can mean a huge expenditure for the budget, especially for those who have not yet begun to professionally deal with IT jobs. That’s why it often happens that those who at the beginning of their career resort to their pirated versions, which are not only not legal but can also have a bad influence on the operation of your computer. EBS Upgrade will give you a list of the best free programs to use.

Almost every program that is currently used frequently has its own replacement that is completely free. True, these alternatives are sometimes not so high quality, but there are cases where the difference is almost imperceptible.

Notepad ++

Free programs – notepad ++ This successor of the old-school text editor Notepad, written in the C ++ programming language, is one of the most common and most reliable encoding tools. Although it can be used to write a large number of programming languages, Notepad ++ is mostly used by web developers to write HTML code. Whether it’s about beginners in the IT world or those with years of experience, Notepad ++ offers simple and intuitive solutions that make it easier and quicker to write code. In addition, the designers behind this program like to boast of its speed, and the small amount of memory it consumes during its work.

Visual Studio Code

Free software – visual studio codeDugo is a code-to-market software market divided into those that work in the Windows environment and those made for Linux. In 2015, Microsoft launched Visual Studio Code (VSC), an editor that reconciles the two most famous operating systems, and in addition, VSC works on MacOS. The number of programming languages ​​in which the code can be written in the VSC will also process the most promising developers. Whether you prefer Java, C ++, C #, PHP, Ruby, Python, SQL, Swift or any other programming language of universal or specific application, Visual Studio Code will become your favorite code editor.


If you look for reviews of this software on the Internet, you will see that they are almost unanimous in the evaluation – GIMP is almost as powerful as Photoshop. However, unlike the famous Adobe program, GIMP will not cost you anything. So, GIMP is a completely free version of the program for creating raster graphic elements or, in coloccially speaking, digital photography. It contains almost all essential photo editing options, allows you to work with filters and layers, and for the interface itself, there are many plugins that are also free.


free programs – inkscapeOn what is GIMP for Photoshop, it’s Inkscape for Illustrator. Inkscape is, therefore, a program for creating and processing vector elements and is an absolutely free replacement for powerful programs from that domain, such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Inkscape is compatible with the most important vector formats such as SVG and EPS and contains the most important options for working with objects offered and paid licensed programs. The only “blame” for this great free program is its slightly longer execution time, which will surely not affect the majority of users.

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