Cyber Security as a Growth Industry

Nobody can deny that cyber security is looking like the best area to retrain in the coming years.

When we think back to the early 2000s, we didn’t have the internet affecting business the way that it does now. Websites were new, cloud computing wasn’t even a concept, and nobody knew what an iPhone was. We’ve come a long way digitally in two decades. Imagine how advanced our online world will be in another twenty years’ time?

The Growth of the Internet Brought a Growth in Security Needs

Alongside this obvious growth and expansion of our traditional high street as it migrated online, we have seen an increased need for cyber security specialists. The idea of paying for items online was initially so absurd to the populace that we simply wouldn’t do it. To give out your credit card information to a store, on an unsecured line that anyone could watch? That was unthinkable. Cyber security made it possible for people to pay online.

It was the people creating those early roles in Cyber Security that created the digital marketplace as we know it today. Those pioneers created infrastructure n websites which made it easier, safer, and faster, to pay online. They introduced the CAPTCHA, which though annoying does secure our sites. They eventually gave rise to 2 step authentication, and let’s not forget how they developed things like anti-malware, anti-spyware, and other antivirus software systems.

It’s safe to say that without the cyber security experts of the last ten years, the internet wouldn’t be as it is today. We would all still be scared to pay for things online in case a villain in a tall hat and cape stole our details. But cyber security is not done yet. The more our digital world grows, the more it is forced to keep up.

Cyber groups misuse FB to spread Covid vaccine lies in India' | Technology  News,The Indian Express

The Future of Cyber Security as an Industry

As with all business processes, the future of cyber security will include automation. The more we can automate, the less time it takes from the workday. We can also expect an eventual turn towards the AI model. If an AI antivirus program could adapt to meet and combat individual hacks as they arose, this would eliminate the need for other kinds of online security. However, we are a long way away from an AI program that advanced.

In the next few years, we can expect cyber security to focus on cloud computing. As the experts indicate, the greater the access to on-demand data and consumer information, the greater the exposure to potential outside threats. The future of cyber security will be heavily focused around the safety of cloud data, and what we can do to prevent attempts to steal it.

There is an element of cyber security which focuses on the military. Cyber warfare is no longer an imaginary possibility. The government could now employ hackers to try to enter each other’s files, in theory. Of course, they would only resort to this in times of war. Cyber security specialists will always be needed to safeguard the secrets of the country.



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